Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Virginia Firm Develops Breakthrough Technology to Stop Cyber Attacks

Virginia Firm Develops Breakthrough Technology to Stop Cyber Attacks

WASHINGTON, Feb 01, 2010 -- At a time of increasing national concern over cyber attacks on government agencies and corporations, a small privately-funded Virginia engineering research firm has created a breakthrough technology for blocking cyber attacks that experts say is foolproof.

The firm, InZero Systems of Herndon, has been successfully demonstrating its new computer-protection technology to the Pentagon and other federal agencies, as well as to major defense contractors.

General Wesley Clark, who chairs the firm's advisory board, says the unique, hardware-based technology has been rigorously tested by outside experts and no one has been able to break through to attack computer networks protected by it.

"This is not just a conceptual solution to the threat of cyber terrorism," Clark said. "It is very real. It is eminently practical. It is affordable. And it is available now. Every agency and company that has tested it has found that it cannot be compromised."

"This is a vitally important development for our national defense," he said, "and for the protection of this nation's critical infrastructure."

Four-year-old InZero Systems is headed by Louis R. Hughes, former president of Lockheed Martin, the nation's largest defense contractor, and former executive vice president of General Motors.

"Our technology is essentially what the Administration and Congress have been calling for," Hughes said. "It is a true breakthrough. We are fundamentally changing the architecture of the personal computer to create an unprecedented level of security and control while preserving unlimited accessibility to the Internet and without compromising functionality."

In short, he said, "This really puts the world's hackers out of business."

Hughes said that while software solutions to cyber attacks had been found largely ineffective, InZero Systems took a different approach. "Our technology is hardware-based -- and it can be installed instantly."

Among companies testing the system was Escrypt Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a leading computer security firm. According to Escrypt president and CEO Andre Weimerskirch, the InZero system "cannot be undermined."

The InZero Secure PC essentially provides two computers in one. An InZero Gateway Module computer is attached to the computer that is being protected. As information arrives from the Internet, the InZero Gateway module isolates and hosts potentially dangerous network applications and processes incoming and outgoing files. It transfers clean files to the main computer -- all instantaneously.

The protected computer is never connected to the Internet. It remains secure while still sending and receiving e-mails, processing attachments, browsing the Internet and downloading and uploading documents. Any viruses, worms and malware are trapped in the InZero Gateway module.

Secure computer networks can be created by interconnecting InZero Gateway modules. Organizations can effortlessly extend their security perimeters even to laptop computers employees take to remote locations. The system provides trusted connections between unfamiliar partners. It serves as a foundation for security for direct communications, cloud computing, grid computing, social networks and online applications.

About InZero Systems

InZero Systems began operations in 2005 with the goal of providing organizations with a far more effective, yet fundamentally different approach to protecting sensitive data. Headquartered in Herndon, Va., the company is led by cyber security experts, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 senior executives and has grown to more than 60 employees. More information can be found at

SOURCE: InZero Systems

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