Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Security Stocks; Visualant (OTCBB:VSUL) Subsidiary TransTech Systems Announces Access Card Programmer Incorporated in ID Card Printers

SEATTLE - April 12, 2011 (Investorideas.com Defense Newswire) - Visualant, Inc. (OTCBB: VSUL), a pioneer provider of industry-leading color based identification and diagnostic solutions, an emerging leader in security and authentication systems technology and distributor of a wide variety of security solutions through its wholly-owned subsidiary, TransTech Systems, Inc., is pleased to announce that TransTech Systems has successfully incorporated an industry standard access card programmer into an identification card printer for production of personalized access control credentials.
Traditionally, access cards are pre-programmed by providers and shipped to the users for future use. At the time of card issuance, there is a two step process whereby the card is read by an access reader to get the pre-programmed number associated with the card and then the card is printed with the card holder's information. With TransTech's integration of Farpointe Data's Cards on the Go™ COG1000 directly into the printer, the process can be accomplished in one step. Further, the requirements for ordering pre-programmed stock and the related worries about the security of this stock before issuance are eliminated.
Cards on the Go™ COG-1000 is an access control credential programmer designed to give security access control professionals and system integrators the ability to program both proximity and contactless smartcard credentials. The Cards on the Go™ COG-1000 desktop solution includes a USB-based desktop programmer, a USB cable, programming software and 100 preloaded programming tokens. The Cards on the Go™ card printer based solution configuration will vary by printer manufacturer. OEM solutions for larger systems integrators may be available.
Adding Cards on the Go™ technology to identification card printer solutions provides a unique product offering for TransTech's security reseller channel. TransTech Systems is currently the only provider of this technology. The unit was debuted at the ISC West Security Industry trade show in Las Vegas last week. Full production is planned within sixty days.
About Visualant, Inc.
Visualant, Inc. (OTCBB: VSUL) develops low-cost, high speed, light-based security and quality control solutions for use in homeland security, anti-counterfeiting, forgery/fraud prevention, brand protection and process control applications. Our patent-pending technology uses controlled illumination with specific bands of light, to establish a unique spectral signature for both individual and classes of items. When matched against existing databases, these spectral signatures allow precise identification and authentication of any item or substance. This breakthrough optical sensing and data capture technology is called Spectral Pattern Matching ("SPM"). SPM technology can be miniaturized and is easily integrated into a variety of hand-held or fixed mount configurations, and can be combined in the same package as a bar-code or biometric scanner.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary, TransTech Systems, Inc., the Company provides security and authentication solutions to security and law enforcement markets throughout the United States.
About Farpointe Data
Since 2003 Farpointe Data (www.farpointedata.com), a privately held company located in California�s Silicon Valley, has offered radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, cards and tags for access control. These advanced products span the frequency spectrum, each including a host of unique Farpointe-only features. These products include the 125-kHz Pyramid Series Proximity� line of proximity readers, cards and tags, the Delta™ line of multi-technology (combining 13.56-MHz & 125-kHz operation) contactless smartcard readers, cards and tags, as well as the 433-MHz Ranger™ line of long-range transmitters and receivers.
Farpointe's exacting RFID designs, superior manufacturing, competitive pricing and excellent performance have earned the trust of its partners, access control system manufacturers, and achieved recognition as the industry's leading independent manufacturer of readers, cards and tags.
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