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RFID Stock Alert: Interview with CEO of (OTCBB: ECDC) Discussing Patented GPS and RFID Technology

RFID Stock Alert: Q and A with CEO of (OTCBB: ECDC) Discussing Patented GPS and RFID Technology

Investorideas.com RFID stock alert; Q&A interview

July 19, 2011 - www.InvestorIdeas.com, a global investor research portal for sector research including tech stocks and RFID stocks releases an interview with Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC), discussing ECDC’s unique patented GPS and RFID technology.

East Coast Diversified Corporation Interview

Q: Investorideas.com

Mr. Aladesuyi, can you give us insight as to the significance of your recent announcement on $10 Million funding commitment and what that means for the future growth plans for ECDC?

A: Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation

This is quite a significant event for us. We will now be able to execute our business plan effectively. Our technology is unique, and needed for numerous applications and solutions, and we have spent the last 12 months building a strong global network of distributors and partners. With the funding commitment in place, we can now aggressively promote our product, expand our distribution network, increase manufacturing capacity, and provide credit facility to our partners and distributors as part of our sales strategy. Additionally, we can now increase the resources currently in place to support partners.

Q: Investorideas.com

Mr. Aladesuyi, can you give investors an overview on some ECDC’s flagship products, patents and the current sectors you are focusing on implementing them in?

A: Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation

EarthSearch’s flagship product is the LogiBoxx, which offers the world’s first wireless communication between GPS and RFID. The ability to have these two completely different technologies communicate wirelessly creates a solution once considered impossible and allows businesses to have greater control over their assets, especially when the assets are in transit.

LogiBoxx allow us to offer not just products, but solutions such as Oil pipeline monitoring, Oil tanker monitoring, field force optimization, real time visibility and monitoring of goods in transit, School transportation and class attendance monitoring.

Q: Investorideas.com

Mr. Aladesuyi, regarding the announcement of your SchoolsConnects pilot being implemented, can you give an overview to investors on how your technology differentiates compared to other school attendance schools and monitoring system technologies?

A: Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation
EarthSearch SchoolsConnects utilizes our flagship LogiBoxx solution, using wireless communication between GPS/RFID to deliver real time information to parents and schools about student bus riders. SchoolsConnects give parents peace of mind and law enforcement better response time to child kidnapping incidents. The capability for RFID to identify events, communicate it to GPS and have the LogiBoxx take action is unparalleled and without competition in the market. In addition, the real time capability also allows us to provide information to parents about student behavior at school, getting parents more closely involved in student academics, such as students skipping school, skipping class or even going into class late. For years, school administrators have sought to have parents become more actively involved in student’s academics and behavior at school. SchoolsConnects delivers the solution to accomplish this objective. Our system offers direct email communication between parents and teachers.

Q: Investorideas.com

Mr. Aladesuyi, regarding your China relationships can you speak to us more about your June 8th announcement on signing a Letter of Intent with ZST Digital Networks, Inc. and how you see that relationship benefitting the growth of ECDC?

A: Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation

The Chinese market is the fastest growing market in the world. When you have a country experiencing the kind of growth that we are witnessing in China, along with the growth comes operational issues such as theft, lost cargo, and inefficiencies due to human error. Our technology offers the solution with the greatest value proposition to a growing market such as China. Entering the world's fastest growing market is a significant milestone for us.

ZSTN is in the GPS business with clients already in place with needs for our solution. They are one of the largest service providers in the Henan province, which has more than 100 million people and represents a large market for logistics in China. The LOI calls for a minimum annual purchase commitment of $5 million per year.

About ECDC:
EarthSearch Communications, an ECDC Company (OTCBB:ECDC), is a US-based business whose flagship product, LogiBoxx(TM), integrates GPS and RFID at the hardware level. When combined with its proprietary Global Asset Tracking and Identification System (GATIS) middleware, LogiBoxx and GATIS become the centerpieces of a LogiBoxx Certified Solution. An unprecedented business decision-making tool, a LogiBoxx Certified Solution offers continuous visibility within the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Asset Management and Control industries. Along with its integrated, patent-pending GPS and RFID technologies, EarthSearch also offers a complete line of innovative RFID solutions. Its expertise with GPS and RFID technologies, combined with exceptional support and service facilities, distinguishes EarthSearch as a leading manufacturer and supplier of real-time location solutions in the marketplace. For more information on East Coast Diversified, visit www.eastcoastdiversified.com
or www.earthsearch.us

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